what is conferencelive.watch?

conferencelive.watch is website portal tailored directly to assisting the reach of live conference, seminars and meetings.

Harnessing the latest in live streaming technologies, we can help you extend far beyond the walls of your event and involve those who can’t be there in person.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand SHOW•VISION is a highly experienced multi-faceted production company specialising live coverage of broadcast and non-broadcast events.

SHOW•VISION operates the conferencelive.watch as part of a ‘bouquet’ of several event streaming websites and has thousands of hours experience in producing live coverage from small rooms to very large arenas.

What can you do for me?

We realise that for some people attending a conference, seminar, meeting or workshop can be a tricky thing.

It may be that they live in a different city or country .. or have a very busy schedule.

Companies are also looking at streamlining the process of reaching people – and that is where we come in.

What is the service capable of?

In it’s simplest form, live streaming your event to those who can’t be there in person.

Each event page is hand tailored and built off line to your requirements before going live.. and realising these requirements can vary quite dramatically, we can include things such as:

• Schedules & agendas…
• Information about the event & products…
• Live Chat, Polls, Q&A and audience interaction…
• Placement of Sponsor or supplier logos & advertisements…
• Extra content such as video, behind the scenes interviews…
• “Channel selection” of multiple concurrent presentations and more…

How can I use it for my event?

Get in touch with us! We have several steps in order to select and deploy the best service to fit your needs. Some of them get a little technical, but don’t worry – plain english is used.

There is a range of options you might like to consider on how your event is published …

• Freely available. Live and free to the world .. no log in or payment necessary
• Geo blocked… we can lock down countries and territories
• Private … hush hush, only those who know the link can view the stream
• Registration .. capture important details and require email registration to an event
• Password protected – only those who are issued with a passcode can view the stream (however anybody can see the event page)
• Pay-per-view. Capture revenue from viewers. Payments are processed in real time through paypal using a credit card in whichever currency you like and can unlock an hour, a day or a week (or all three depending on which ticket the viewer purchases).



  • Bring Your Own Coverage

Augmented Coverage.

  • Most Popular!

Full Coverage.

  • All Inclusive Service

Like what you see ? Would like to know more??

Please use the form below to send us a message and one of the friendly staff at SHOW•VISION will get back to you as soon as we can.

All enquiries come with no pressure and a great smile!

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